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Posting Rules

Everyone MUST read these rules before posting in ANY of the Forums!
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Posting Rules

Post by Western Air Virtual » 14 Feb 2017, 13:25

Administrators, moderators and helpers will refer you here if you create a topic or a post without identifying yourself.

1. Please post in ENGLISH, as this is the most common language. The Moderators and Staff are English speaking. Posts not in English, will be overlooked or deleted.

2a. All Forum users must display their Name, and their Callsign.
  • There are several reasons you need to provide this information:
    • You know who we are by our information under our avatars or by reading our signatures. We want to know who you are, so we can quickly address your issues.
    • If we need to access your pilot data, we need to know who you are.
    • A person's nickname used in the Forums isn't a sufficient method of identification, as this can be dramatically different than their callsign or username.
    • To look up account information, we need one semi-unique piece of information that every pilot has: their Pilot ID.
    • If you don't provide this information, your topics and posts could be deleted or ignored. Either way, you will be directed here ...
3. To add the information to your profile, a signature, or both, you need to access your User Control Profile (UCP). To do so, see the following:
  • Locate your name at top right, click on it, and select "User Control Panel".
    • To add your information to your profile, do the following:
      • Once in the UCP, click on the "Profile" tab.
      • Here you can insert YOUR Name, ID and YOUR Callsign into the correct text boxes.
      • Save the changes by clicking the "Submit" button at bottom.
    • To add your information to your signature, do the following:
      • Once in the UCP, click on the "Profile" tab.
      • On the Profile tab, click on "Edit signature" along the left side.
      • Here you can insert YOUR Name, ID and YOUR Callsign, as well as any banners or text.
      • (Optional) Click Preview to see how your new signature will look.
      • When satisfied, save the changes by clicking the "Submit" button at bottom.
        • NOTE: You MUST ensure that Display signatures is set to Yes!
        • To check this setting:
          • While in the UCP, click the "Board preference" tab.
          • Then select "Edit display options" along the left side.
          • If not set to YES, click the YES radio button for "Display signatures".
          • To save the changes, click the "Submit" button along the bottom.
  • Once satisfied with your changes, you can exit the UCP.
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