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Weston On The Green [Addon]

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Western Air Virtual
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Weston On The Green [Addon]

Post by Western Air Virtual » 22 Dec 2017, 23:01

Weston On The Green [Addon] Files.

See link below for Weston On The Green!

http://www.westernairvirtual.co.uk/uplo ... _green.zip
  • Simply unzip the files and paste entire folder in Addon Scenery inside the FSX directory.
  • Then open scenery library in FSX and click the ADD button.
  • Locate the Addon in the Addon Scenery folder and click ADD.

Then your done. Simply allow FSX then to generate the scenery. Please note if you cannot see the scenery when flying please restart your FSX programme.

NOTE: If you are having trouble installing or viewing the scenery please create a topic in the WA-FSX Add-on's Discussion Forum.
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