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Suggestions For Runway Guards

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Suggestions For Runway Guards

Post by owenpa28 » 20 Nov 2018, 08:13

RUNWAY GUARDS. Most of you will know the score with starting on a live runway and runway guards. The server has just 6 guarded runways (EGDD, EGHI, EGHL, EGHP, EGKK, EGNX) in place at the moment so the question is: Do you want others? A runway guard will ensure the instant removal to someone spawning on a runway, an easy mistake to make but awkward if you are about to land or are doing ATC. In simple terms, if you want a runway guard to be left in place because you regularly use an airfield, let me know.

Please post if you would like a runway guard added.
Kind Regards

Owen Pa28-161

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